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For Lectrosonics

 COS-11D PT Wiring Method for Lectrosonics Transmitter
Transmitter Manufacturer Lectrosonics                                                                
Model MM400C
Connector for transmitter φ2.5mm mini plug (mono)                  
Wiring-style 2 wire
Black wire to be connected HOT
White wire to be connected GND
Shield to be connected GND


Transmitter Manufacturer Lectrosonics
Model UM700 , UM400a , UM450 , SMa ,  SMQa , LMa
Connector for transmitter Switchcraft Mini XLR 5P TA-5F
Wiring-style 2 wire
Black wire to be connected      3
White wire to be connected 1kΩ resistor between White and 1 , 1 (red mark)
Shield to be connected 1 , case
Additonal parts 2-4 jumper

COS-11* normal version


COS-11* red mark


【NOTE】This is a connection example. It does not mean to garantee the performance.
【NOTE】In case you have too much gain, to use RM ( Red Mark ) version is recommended.